Our Family Entertainment Centres house a multi-level indoor playground over 1800m² in size, which includes bouncy castles, tricycles, and a 4 level, 3 lane slide, not to mention the LARGEST CLIMBING FRAME IN AUSTRALIA!

Our Family Entertainment Centres are truly designed to meet the needs of your family providing quality coffee, home baked treats, and healthy snacks and lunches. Mother’s Groups and Play Groups are very welcome.

All of this is located in a fantastically themed banana land – which must be seen to be believed!

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So what are you waiting for? Slip on in and Go Bananas!

Go Bananas reveal we are dialling the family fun up to 11. Introducing… BIG TIME!

Go Bananas now offers a brand-spanking-new amusement arcade, BIG TIME will boast a wide assortment of arcade games and entertainment challenges – from the all-time classic variety to the state-of-the-art. The idea for embedding an amazing new amusement arcade inside the Go Bananas and Skypeak facility was really about maximising the fun for every age group, making Go Bananas is a truly unique Sydney experience destination.

When it comes to the sorts of games BIG TIME has to play, , if you consider yourself a sharpshooter or a Formula One driver or an NBA superstar or a dinosaur hunter, you’re going to be happy. The same goes if you’re a modern-day button-masher or toggle-jockey – there will definitely be games for you.

And as for all you old-school 8-bit aficionados, yes, rest assured, we will have Space Invaders, too!

Don’t forget your socks